Thursday, November 1, 2012

Detergent, Picnics, Baking, and Pop-pop

Last week was really busy and a lot of fun!  We had our last Wednesday swimming lesson (they are switching to Mondays now) and a Friday night football away game, in addition to our library story time on Thursdays, our Friday morning ladies' Bible study, and of course, school and our other usual activities.

Homemade laundry detergent

practicing letters

backyard picnic

Mom, I'm not sure about this jumper thing....

I made some sugar cookies and iced them, and then set aside a few for H3 to decorate on her own.

She went a bit overboard on the sprinkles!

This exersaucer has survived 4 kids so far! (My 2, plus the original owner and another friend)
 During Hurricane Sandy, we didn't lose power. We were expecting to, so it was a pleasant surprise.  I decided to do some baking!

Pumpkin pie - the first of the season!

Potato-bacon soup with biscuits

Blue-barb pie
 My father-in-law was here with us, and the girls loved having him here.  He played lots of games with H3 and sangs songs to H4.  I know they will miss him now that he's gone home.

My backyard is still quite a swamp. We're back to taking our daily walks now though.  With the storm came colder weather. It's quite chilly out, so I have to bundle the girls during our strolls. I suppose I should say relatively chilly. We live in the South, so chilly is anything less than 60 degrees!


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