Thursday, November 8, 2012

So Far This Week....

 We're had a lot of fun so far this week, and it's been a packed one!

We've smiled for the camera....a lot!

Ok, so H4 wasn't smiling in those first couple pictures, but here she goes!

We voted.

We went to dance class.

We made a leafy hedgehog based on a little craft I saw on Pinterest.

We've worked on letters "X, Y, and Z"

We did crafts with our library group.

And worked on the letter "A"

Then H3 randomly decided she wanted to paint the letter too...she painted 3 full pages of "A's"!

Also this week: H3 switched to a Monday evening swimming lesson, H1 has closed off the second entrance to our closet with drywall and spackle, and H3 went to her first Awana meeting.  I've been wanting to get her involved at a large church just north of us. They have a huge children's ministry and an Awana group that meets on Wednesday evenings, so we went last night.  She had a great time and even though the lessons started back in September (which I didn't know of at the time), she was already caught up by the end of the evening.

We had a large closet in our bedroom that was shared by the other bedroom downstairs.  That room does not have its own closet.  I asked H1 about building a closet in that room, and in response, he has taken out the door on the 2nd bedroom side and now there is a wall there. He is preparing to finish sanding and painting before building out the inside of the new master bedroom closet. Sometime this winter he'll build a closet in the other bedroom.  I love our home, but there is a serious lack of closet and storage space!  Neither of the upstairs bedrooms have closets!  I purchased little wardrobes from Ikea for the girls.  I'm so thankful that my hubby is a handyman!  He saves us so much money by doing all these projects himself!

If you add in several batches of cookies along with dinners (ribs, homemade pizza, and a zucchini/black bean/rice skillet) I believe that sums up our week until now!  We've got the next couple days packed as well, and I'm hoping to fit in a trip to the park since it's supposed to be in the mid 60's.



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