Wednesday, November 28, 2012


H1 and I had this 22 inch tv.  Yes, small, but it fit our house just fine.  Yes, it worked.  In fact, it was new a year ago and I've really enjoyed it in comparison to our old tv (which was a rather clunky 20 inch thing that came to us from a restaurant that closed down). Yes, I was perfectly fine with it.  H1 has dreamed of a larger tv, but frankly they are all pretty much out of our price range.  We don't have a "tv" budget.  He would still walk around the electronics section and dream though.  No more dreaming now!  A friend shocked us tonight. While I was out grocery shopping with the kiddos, a friend visited H1 and surprised him as he brought in a brand new Samsung 39 inch LED tv.  He said it was just because, or an early "Merry Christmas".  Saying "thank you" seems so insufficient to such a gift!  I'm still in shock as I stare at it across my living room.  Thank you, dear friend.  I really enjoyed seeing that huge smile on my husband's face!