Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving round 1

Before I get started, I mentioned a while back that we purchased a purple Christmas tree for H3.  Here it is, in all its purple-ness!

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with H1's family in NY.  H1 got a half-day on Wednesday and so we drove late into the night to arrive in time. Thanksgiving day itself was spent at an aunt's house (Aunt Ruth) with lots of family.  It was so good to see everyone!  I had very inconveniently forgotten to pull out my camera, so I'm waiting for pictures to be shared with me from that day. H3 has a little girl cousin who is a year older and the two of them went around everywhere together. They had a blast!  I had forgotten just how much fun it is to be around H1's family. They are very welcoming and are more than just family in name.  I treasure my family!

During our time there, we spent lots of time walking around Hancock, H1's hometown.  Below is H3 in full giggle as she's waiting for Pop-pop to be ready for a stroll.


The Hancock House hotel

Hancock Central School, where H1 attended middle and high school

The telephone company. I wasn't so interested in the building as I am enjoying the mountain view

Waiting for breakfast

Singing with Pop-pop

On Friday we drove north a bit to visit Uncle Keith and Aunt Grace, who is Pop-pop's sister. Uncle Keith had a surprise for H3-a pony ride!

Their lovely historic home

Such a beautiful table setting. Aunt Grace served a delicious corn chowder and salad.  Yum!

She plays the harp!

Playing Amazing Grace together....I can't say that H3's piano attempts were lovely, but she was certainly singing her heart out!

She's really excited about what's behind that door....

The ballroom behind the door above!  Such a cool house...or inn, rather, as it was in its former glory.

Uncle Keith and Aunt Grace

This year I have been overwhelmed with what God has given us.  My family is so wonderful--my extended family with H1, my parents, and my own little family.  God has given me two precious girls who challenge and delight me, and a lovely new home.  This grateful heart is overflowing!


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