Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Pictures

Yes, they are slightly late, but Spring Break got in the way of me posting anything. We were having too much fun!  On Easter Sunday, we awoke to a downpour, thus there are no pictures outside!

I'm trying to get a good shot of H3's hair.  Basically, it's two french braids (a larger one on the right side of her head) drawn back into a ponytail-turned messy bun.
Back of H3's hair

H3 and Auntie Amber putting dye tablets in mugs

Dipping the first egg

Amber is getting fancy

H4 checking out the egg dying

Amber's artwork

I just had to include this face because it cracked me up. I've mentioned before that H3 is EXTREMELY picky about what she will eat and fruit is out (except applesauce and raisins). I held some chocolate hostage in exchange for her eating ONE TINY section of a clementine. After a long, drawn out ordeal, she finally ate it and this was the face I got!
We went to church on Easter morning and spent the rest of the day together, just enjoying each other's company. I love having everyone together, and having Amber there made the day extra special!

More pictures of Spring Break to come, once I get them off my camera and get my brain in gear for another post.

On a side note, I have caterpillars on my kitchen counter. Yes, on purpose.  


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