Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Break Post

I suppose it's better late than never! We packed our Spring Break week, keeping it pretty even between family time and some projects that needed to be done. I didn't really take any pictures of the projects. I should have, but since was knee-deep in a few of them, I just plain forgot about my camera. H1 and I cleaned out the garage, which took two days. It was a lot of organizing, throwing out, and giving away. It's mostly done now and we can finally walk inside!  H1 also took a day to pour a cement pad, and then a couple days later I assisted him in putting up a shed on that pad. We did some miscellaneous landscaping and also re-arranged the attic. While he and I are enjoying the benefits of our work, I can't say the kids were loving it, other than all the time playing outside while we were working!

Like I said, we tried to split our time evenly, so here are some of our more relaxing moments.

H4 loves it when Daddy brings out the guitar, just like her big sister.

Tea my kitchen

H1 and H3 building a bat house for the backyard. Did you know that bats can eat  between 600 and 1,000 bugs in an hour?

Almost done!

H4's first time in a swing...she's not sure what to think

I'm not sure if the park is for kids or their dads!

Taking a short nature walk

Pretty view!

On a drive through the countryside (a.k.a. driving near home)

We went to Bush Gardens several times, and once caught up with a friend and her daughter. H3 and Maddie had a great time playing together.

It was one of those vacations where you don't go anywhere, and you don't do much of anything, and yet you find yourself immensely satisfied with your week. I confess in the beginning I was bummed about not having any "exciting" plans, but it turned out to be a wonderful week. The girls really loved having time with their daddy and taking our short day trips.

Last Monday we hit the ground running again and it's been a really good time with school for H3 and I.  We may have some changes coming up in that area, and H1 and I are just praying for clear direction right now in regards to what is best for H3.


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