Saturday, May 5, 2012

Look What We Found - Church/Community Yard Sale

This morning was our church/community yard sale. H1 and I arrived early (with a sleepy H3 in tow) to help set up. I should have taken pictures while we were there. It was huge, and crazy, and a little bit of everything. Most of the time I was helping out at our children's ministry table, so my time to browse was limited. H1 was able to look a bit more, but he was also assisting different people for most of the 3 hours we were there, not to mention trying to keep our energetic H3 in line. She's not very good at staying near us....

We did, however, manage to find a few things of interest and spent about $20 total. I'd have to say that H3 made out like a bandit, but I'll get to that in a moment.

First up is this little metal radio flyer wagon and a little Sleeping Beauty nightlight.  While H3 is not generally allowed to watch any of the Disney "Princess" movies, except for Beauty and the Beast and Tangled, she knows who each character is, thanks to her friends.
Next up is a little hot roller set. I do have naturally curly hair, though it's more wavy than curly at the current length. I'd been wanting to experiment with rollers, but never wanted to pay the price for a set. Now I can!
I found this adorable metal pot and pan set for H3. I'm really excited about this one! We have a plastic set, but it's getting pretty banged up after a couple years and this one is in perfect condition.
More stuff for H3. I was mostly excited about the little book for telling time and and puzzle in the middle. We got several other puzzles for H3 as well, all 10 cents each. H3 and I have been working on telling time right now, as well as months and days of the week, so I'm hoping this book will help out a little.
I found a shirt for me, barely used. Obviously this is for post-pregnancy!
One thing we've been needing for storage in our new house is a shoe rack, or rather a couple of them for both H1's shoes as well as mine. These three expand to twice the width shown. I'm looking forward to putting them to use!
Ok, I saved the best for last, or at least the one I'm most excited about (and H3). I have a sewing machine, but it's been put away for ages due to lack of space and I'm in no mood for trying to make fancy dress-up dresses at the moment. I'm also not in the mood to pay the $20 - $30 that Walmart and Target charge for them. Right now H3 has two that fit, both courtesy of Auntie Amber and her find at Big Lots. At the yard sale, a gal was selling an amazing amount of children's clothing and costumes. This one caught my eye immediately, and I have to confess paying $7 for it. I checked the dress over, no stains and it's a very highly quality sewing job. I inquired about it, and the lady told me that she paid $65 for the dress and her daughter only wore it once. Either way, I'm happy with my $7 purchase and H3 is thrilled beyond words!
In fact, H3 put the dress on as soon as we got home and has yet to take it off. It's fun seeing my daughter get so much enjoyment out of something simple!

 Well, that's the general scoop on the yard sale event. The youth group had a table set up where they were selling hot dogs and sodas to raise money for the summer missions trip. As I mentioned, I was helping with a children's ministry table. People donated items to our table and we sold them, with all proceeds going to our 11 and under classes. Specifically, a good portion will be going toward buying new Bibles for the 8-11 year-old class. That group of kids goes through a pretty in-depth Bible study and the Bibles we currently have in the classroom are pretty old with very small print and are hard for the kids to read. We're hoping to get something with a larger font and geared toward that age for study.

 Have a blessed Saturday afternoon! ~H2


Mrs. Taffy said...

Awesome finds! I really like the pot and pan set!! Fun! Thanks for linking up!

Our Country Road said...

What a beautiful dress! I understand why your daughter loved it!