Sunday, May 6, 2012

Moments at Church and an Upcoming Tour

I had a neat moment at church today.  Most of this pregnancy, I haven't assisted in the nursery since I can't lift much as far as weight goes and it's hard for me to hold some of the kids we have back there.  This morning though, I stayed to help out because there were a couple of new kids and it seemed an extra hand was needed.  Our nursery is for ages 0-3, just for reference.  These two new ones were both around age 2.  I spend most of the time cuddling the little girl on my lap.  She seemed pretty timid with all the noise, and any time another child cried, she started as well.  Snuggling her close though, I could feel her relax and she even started to smile.  Something about this child just gripped my heart.  She was so precious.  I left the nursery feeling blessed to have been there with her.  Maybe this morning wasn't for me to be in listening to the sermon, as much as I love hearing Pastor Bill preach.  I think this morning was about me remembering that "the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

After church was worship practice, so H1 stayed for that while H3 and I headed over to a nearby park for a bit.  H3 really enjoyed spending some time outside.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  We picked up H1 at 1:15 and headed home.

Now, we're taking a few minutes to collect ourselves before heading up to St. Francis Hospital for our tour.  Since this is a new hospital for me, I registered for a tour.  During this time, we're supposed to get a good look at the labor/delivery rooms and get some more information on hospital policies. Since I'll be delivering with a midwife, there will be some things that differ between my midwife's methods and options versus one of the hospital's on-call doctors.  Either way, it's good for me to know what's there!  The tour is at 5pm, so we'll see how this goes!


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