Saturday, June 16, 2012

Amusing Little Preggo Story

Just a quick post, since it's really early in the morning and I should be sleeping.  :)

Last week, my friend Robyn offered to have H3 over for a few days since I've been really tired and also trying to finish up some projects around the house.  H3 is very high energy and she's been a bit bored lately.  Our schedule has had us going out on weekends, but staying home during the week (no errands or anything to break up the day).  On Monday, I met Robyn in Williamsburg to drop off H3.  We met at a little ice cream shop, along with two of Robyn's daughters and another little girl.  Robyn's youngest, Julie, hadn't seen me in a while, or at least not since my belly really popped. She's 5. She stared at me for a while, and then said "Your tummy's really big."  I smiled and patted her hStiead because her mom and I were talking and I wasn't too focused on her at the moment.

I didn't think much more of it until I went to go pick H3 up on Wednesday afternoon. While we were standing in the kitchen, Julie came over and looked at my belly again, and then she said "Here let me help you," and started trying to push my tummy back in!  Robyn and I cracked up as I told her that she couldn't push my tummy back in because there is a baby in there.  Julie cocked her head and asked if she could push on my tummy to make the baby come out!  Robyn and I really lost it right then!  Poor Julie.  That will be one to tell her a few years from now.  :)  If only delivering a baby was that simple, right?


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