Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Yes, these are stock photos I got from Google.  Basically, here's how it goes.  If I go to the store to buy a watermelon, this is the size that is offered to me from pretty much any area local grocery store for $5.00 or more.

This is a bit more of the size that I'm looking for.  If a watermelon doesn't weight at least 20lbs, I have a hard time justifying the purchase.  Yes, I eat a lot of watermelon at one time normally, and I have a feeling I'd eat more at the moment.  Have I mentioned that I have a watermelon craving?  It's pretty bad, let me tell you.  I'm looking at the picture of this watermelon and I'm reasonably sure I could eat most of it in one setting right about now.

Fighting the craving until I can find a worthy melon....


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