Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Look What We Found - End of School Year

As I've mentioned before, H1 is a public school teacher and specifically, a PE and Health teacher.  He's been teaching for 6 years now, and at the end of each school year, he's sometimes brought some kind of goodie home.  It's amazing what kids leave at the school and these things can go unclaimed for several years. I'm talking almost brand new shoes, clothing, i-pods (yes, a few years back, H1 had several of these go unclaimed for more than a year. If he can figure out who the owner is, he returns them, but a couple had no identification).  Usually, the school will send all the clothing stuff to Goodwill or a place similar.  This year, H1 saved out a jacket for H3 before the school sent off the box.  It's a black North Face polar fleece jacket in beautiful condition.  It looks hardly used.  It won't fit H3 for a year or two, but I don't mind waiting!

A lesson to all parents who send their children to school:  remind your kids to keep track of their valuables! They will often get donated at the end of the school year since schools aren't inclined to keep lost and found items for years on end!


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