Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lots of Pictures!

We've been very busy this month!  Today was H1's last day at the school for the summer!!!! We're very excited about that.  He will probably be working for the Parks and Rec Department over the summer, but that doesn't begin until June 25th, so we get to have him home for a little while.  Hurray!  I have a feeling that he has a lot of projects that he wants to get done, but I can't complain.  The house is looking wonderful, inside and out, thanks to his efforts.  

This month has been dotted with multiple trips to Busch Gardens, so a lot of our pictures are from there.  Last Sunday included a Chris Tomlin concert, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  H3 knows a lot of his songs, and she was singing at the top of her little lungs--so very cute.  What I enjoyed the most about that concert was that it was treated like a praise time, not as much like a regular concert.  There is just something amazingly cool about watching more than a thousand people singing praises to our King, recognizing that these are my family in Christ.

I have lots of pictures, so here's the first half of June!

I had fun one morning with H3's hair.

H1 and H3 are in the front of the car

H1 and H3


When it's in the mid 90s, the water sure feels good

It's kinda hard to tell from the picture, but there're fountains and pools of water everywhere she's playing.

With Auntie Amber (one of my college roommates)

We saw a little fairy tale show, and H3 got a couple pictures taken with the cast. It was really well done, with lots of gymnastics, dancing, and singing involved, all things H3 loves.

Roller coaster ride with Auntie Amber

During a bad storm, the roof and ceiling caved in on our church's nursery and one of the classrooms. We are in a rented building, and the owners are not going to fix it because they are trying to sell the property and I'm pretty sure the building is condemned anyways.  A group of men and women from our church spent an evening tearing out the nasty carpeting and relocating the nursery and children's classrooms.  H3 made the best of things with a tea party!

A current favorite activity is painting!  I've just been getting the cheap water color paints from the dollar store or Walmart, at least until she decides she's a bit more serious about it. I have a very nice set of water colors from when I used to paint, and when I replace them, I'll let H3 experiment with my old set.  Until then, she's perfectly content.

 She loves painting her hand....

And making hand prints!  She calls them "tiny hands" after one of her favorite songs from the Baby Signing Time series.

Yet a different BG trip.  This was H3's first time on the tea cup ride, and did she ever have a great time!  This was the night of the concert, last Sunday.

I think that covers most of my recent pictures.  I know I have a few more that I haven't pulled off my camera yet, so you'll just have to wait for those.

This weekend is Father's Day, and we are blessed to have my father-in-law here with us, along with his Swedish exchange student (Martin).  Our plans for the weekend are still pretty fluid, but Sunday will definitely involved a little American culture for Martin.  On many holidays our church will have a food-related event after the service. For Father's Day, we're having a pig pickin'.  Yes, that's how you spell it correctly.  We're not roasting it over a pit though, as a lot of folks around here do.  We're going to use a huge "grill" for it.  The "grill" used to be our pastor's old oil tank (same kind you would use for a house), and this last year a couple guys from our church converted it to a grill.  Church members sign up to bring side dishes...I'm bringing brownies!  I should have lots of pictures after the weekend, so be on the lookout next week!


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Mrs. Taffy said...

I can't believe how close you are to delivering!! It's gone by so fast for me! Probably not for you though. :) Have I mentioned how excited I am for you?! lol You are such a capable wife and mother and I know you will do great with managing your new life once she arrives. I'll be praying for a safe and quick delivery!

Love your pictures too! We are going to a worship concert next week and I can't wait!

Love you cousin!