Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Summertime Fun

Sunshine and summertime fun!

Another warm day equals another morning outside, making use of the sprinkler H1 bought on clearance. I brought out H3's old pool since H1 is planning to mow the lawn tonight and I didn't want to use a lot of water to fill up the bigger one.  She still had lots of fun, playing outside for an hour and a half.  It started getting a little toasty, so we came inside for a bit and will probably go out for another hour or so after lunch.

H3 has requested grilled cheese, which I'm getting ready to make for her. I'm still trying to decide if I'm hungry!  We had zucchini around the house and I made a couple loaves of bread with it this morning.  Of course, I have to taste whatever I make.....yeah, enough said about that.  The bread turned out quite yummy.   I just may not be hungry for lunch!



Mrs. Taffy said...

Won't it be fun to have two little girlies running around your back yard?! So fun! Your bread looks amazing too!

JJ said...

Oh yes! I'm looking forward to more giggles (and less entertaining on my part). And thank you!